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COVID19 NOTE: We will be taking all safety precautions when entering a home by sanitizing our hands and wearing appropriate PPE.

Maintenance Inspection

Our busy schedules often cause us to overlook general house maintenance tasks. Having your home inspected by an inspector from All Around Home Inspections will be a great opportunity to help you identify what should be repaired, replaced or tuned in order to increase the value of your greatest investment; your home! This may include:
-roof inspection
-furnace inspection
-air conditioner inspection
-fireplace inspection
-plumbing and faucets inspection
-windows and doors inspection
-exterior inspection, and more!

Pre-Listing Inspection

Thinking of selling your home in Ottawa’s hot real estate market? Consider a pre-listing inspection first! This is also called a ‘Seller’s Inspection’. Although they are less common than a buyer’s inspection, a seller’s inspection can help a seller identify flaws before they are identified by a buyer’s home inspector.

This will allow the seller to choose to list the home at a lower price to avoid negotiations and increase their chances of a bidding war, or to complete a few repairs prior to listing the home to increase it’s value. They may also choose to get quotes from various contractors to show buyer’s who want to lower the price more than what is required to complete the repair.

Being prepared for a potential buyer’s counter-offer or purchase conditions will only increase your ability to negotiate, and reduce the shock of what is found during a pre-purchase inspection.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Also called ‘Buyer’s Inspections’, a pre-purchase inspection helps inform a buyer on any defects and safety concerns a dwelling may have. Although most are usually minor, it’s important to know what may need to be repaired and replaced when making such a large purchase! A home inspector’s report will also inform the potential buyer of any safety concerns (ex. potential fire hazards) and items that are recommended to be repaired/replaced with high urgency.

This is not necessarily meant to turn one away from purchasing a new home, but to make the buyer fully informed. It can help plan out future renovations based on urgency and cost, and to know what they are getting into.

The final benefit of completing a home inspection prior to purchasing a home is that the flaws can be used to negotiate a new price, or to request that the seller completes some of the listed recommended repairs.

In today’s market, many are buying a home while waiving the home inspection clause. Book your home inspection prior to the date sellers are accepting offers, so you can partake in the market’s bidding wars while also having the peace of mind a home inspection provides!

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